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Micro Center Reviews

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  • Micro Center breaks laptops

    I took my 4 year old laptop there to have preventative cleaning on it. It was working just fine when taking it there & once in their hands they broke it. Will not power up now. Spoke to Aaron Nolte the manager & he seems to not want to take responsibility for it. Waiting to see what else they say. This was a perfectly good laptop when dropped off. they have been informed they will fix it at no charge or give me a new one. Will see what the outcome will be. More...
    (Repair Services)
    nana021301's Picture   nana021301    1 Comments   Comments
  • Very disappointed

    I had applied and received a credit card for Micro Center through Wells Fargo. Just found out today that the card had been cancelled by Wells Fargo for '18 months of non-activity.' I'm sure that this was buried somewhere in the fine print, but to take this action without any warning shows the level of comittment both companies have to their customers. I was told that I could go back into the store and re-apply. It's unlikely I'll ever step foot in there again. If you have the credit card - beware! More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    BelAirDad's Picture   BelAirDad    0 Comments   Comments
  • Disappointing

    I am dad who came to the store to with my kid to by HDD, monitor and speakers. When salesMan saw me they just disappeared. I asked one gut to help me out, he was busy, other guy was also busy, third guy showed me with a finger: "there are monitors". Finally when I realized I am not gonna get any help there I picked up HDD and speakers and stood in a loooong line with my boy. Also what happened with females in the store?! Haven't seen a single sales woman there?! Equality guys, equality! No need for me to waste time there and to feel unpleasant, will just shop online.... More...
    vuks's Picture   vuks    1 Comments   Comments
  • Poor customer service !

    I went into the microcenter store (Central Ohio/Columbus) to purchase 2 of this laptop the other day (sku 571984)(Refurbished 229) Which it very clearly online says they have 10 of . It has shown that number for a few days now. I went into the store and found a clerk . He seemed annoyed to be bothered with a laptop sale under 300 . He looked around in back for a minute and came back saying he couldn't find it and tried to sell me an acer or something.I asked him for two other models I had found online before I came into the store (which amazing even though I heard someone just say... More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
    Jendavy's Picture   Jendavy    2 Comments   Comments
  • bluray disks

    The website claims customer satisfaction guaranteed but I had bought some bluray disks that I have thrown all 10 of the 25 that I have tried to burn due to error messages that stopped the burn process. I went to replace them and got a freak show of a clerk and Cassidy the manager didn't offer to make the disks good or do anything except say I am sorry. You don't stock any name brand disks in 50 gb except in 3 packs for $6 apiece and single packs for $18 apiece. I asked if the only option was Amazon and the manager said yes. If that is providing satisfaction, I will take all my... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)

    MicroCenter Cambridge, Mass. has put me in an interesting place. Bought a clearance laptop. Was told (when I asked specifically) that it had 9 months of its manufacturer's warranty remaining. Next day, when I tried to register it, I was told that a) the product was already registered and b) there is no remaining warranty. I then examined the "MicroCenter Extended Warranty" that the service rep pushed on me and have discovered that according to Section 13, line X, they will not honor any warranty applied to an item that is not "covered by a full manufacturer's... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    jimboloko's Picture   jimboloko    4 Comments   Comments
  • Poor Customer Service

    disgusted with the attitudes of its employees. Yesterday my boss wanted me to go get a 40 inch monitor. plus two upgraded HD for our laptop plus two 3 TB networked backup drives. over $1000. He did not want to drive all the way over to the store so he called them. They said there was no way to order on line and pickup at the store. I go on the webite that trouts 18 min. order pickup. Wow.. We go, the sales people work on commission and are not interested in anything but that. getting their commission. I know its my fault that when we get back to the office I have two 31/2 desktop drives... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    malberga's Picture   malberga    2 Comments   Comments
  • Bad hard drive and poor service

    Less than one year after purchasing my HP lap top computer at Micro Center in MI, my hard drive went bad one week before my online college course ended, with NO warning. The employee at the store wrote up the service ticket, and determined that it was still under HP warranty. 4 days later, no tech had even been assigned to my computer, and when he was, he ordered the part under the wrong warranty (M C warranty), even though they knew it was still under the HP one. Then, they ordered the wrong part, and it has been one delay after another. Calling the store gets you placed on hold before... More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
    jetmom's Picture   jetmom    1 Comments   Comments
  • Apple Dept: Sales Agent

    1st of all i want to begin by complimenting this company & store (610/south loop location) because they arevery informative & ready to help when they see you looking/reading product description I have experienced the tech support over the phone & they answered pretty quickly & were very helpful as well. I visited the store yesterday (1/16/13) to buy my wife an ipad mini & my wife likes to ask alot of question & i guess the agent thought we didn't know much about apple products (when we have 2 iphones,1 ipod, & macbook pro) & just started talking to us... More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
    Eangel10's Picture   Eangel10    0 Comments   Comments
  • Broken laptop

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. Purchased a Dell laptop from Micro Center, less than a year later it broke and had to be fixed. Customer service took over three weeks to finally send me to a local computer store to have it fixed. They took two weeks to fix it, and two months later it was broken with the same problem again. I am sitting on the phone right now, and have been on hold for over twenty minutes, what a joke!!!! No help from supervisors or manager either...bad choice to buy my laptop from micro center. More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
    ArtVandalay's Picture   ArtVandalay    2 Comments   Comments
  • Microcenter Rockville - Computer Service

    The warranties are bogus. My wife bought me a computer at Microcenter Rockville with a warranty. It was my understanding that the warranty began when the Toshiba warranty ended. Well, yesterday, I went into Microcenter for service, and they told me that their warranty overlaps or supercedes the Toshiba warranty, so that the the three year warranty I purchased began when I purchased the computer, not when the Toshiba warranty ended. Well, my wife also bought an Asus computer from the same Microcenter Rockville Store, with the same warranty. When she took her computer in for service, they... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    Jongrant's Picture   Jongrant    1 Comments   Comments
  • Software and Laptop

    I purchased a laptop, and within 2 weeks, it wouldn't turn on. So I exchanged it, and tried to exchange the microsoft office software because I know you can't install that on more than 1 computer. Customer service told me I wouldn't need to, that I can call Microsoft and there's a number on the box. I couldn't find a number and the software didn't work. So I went back to microsoft again (for the 3rd time in 2 weeks..) they make me wait and wait just to tell me I will need to return the software. They didn't have to same software I bought anymore, and I... More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
  • good sales, horrible customer service

    I had purchased a laptop, antivirus, and microsoft office software from microcenter in May because I'm taking summer classes. Not even 2 weeks after buying this hp laptop, it wouldn't turn on. I returned the hp laptop for a toshiba laptop because a friend of mine had a similiar problem with their hp laptop. When I wanted to exchange the software customer service told me there's no need because I just have to call microsoft to put it on a different laptop. When I could not figure out the number or get the software, I had to go back to microcenter (3 trips in 2 weeks..) I... More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
    Karebear89's Picture   Karebear89    1 Comments   Comments
  • WEs Vaughn Rage incident

    WEs Vaughn, upper manager at Microcenter, Inc. Denver, CO, did on May 16, 2011 accost the CEO of Data Control Systems, Inc. The apparent Rage was caused by the simple request to replace defective products sold by the named store. The CEO of our company was told to wait for a tech to discuss the issue and troubleshoot the problem. When the CEO demanded replacement of the parts and to speak to a manager instead Wes Vaughn took it upon himself to badger, belittle, embarass, make very public a situation that should have been handled privately. Wes Vaughn raged so out of control that other... More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
  • very unefficient customer service

    I have never felt so frustrate dealing with any customer service before. Dealing with Micro center is. I made an online order to purchase 2 printers used my citi virtual credit card. I have been contacted 3 times because they can't verify my billing address with citi. Every time, I have told them it is a virtual credit card, you will need to mention it when you contact the credit card company. After the 3rd call, I said I will contact my bank to see what the issue is. I talked to my bank and I was told as long as they tell the bank customer service people it is a virtual card, and... More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
    shipraidar's Picture   shipraidar    0 Comments   Comments
  • Excellent Service review

    Yonkers Tech Support technician, Carlos DaSilva from the Yonkers, NY Micro Center is an asset to the organization - he is extremely knowledgable, helpful and patient. It is rare to find this quality of service today. He offered excellent solutions to the problems I was experiencing with my computer. Unfortunately, I could not write a review on Micro Center's website because I did not have a receipt number I wish they had a better system to commend on outstanding employees - Unfortunately, the Yonkers, NY location is not even listed here. More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
  • dont go

    needed product for easter sunday. I was hoping to swing by pick up item and be on my way to visit family. the item was a clearance wieless keyboard. description said it was complete. I have never been so angry.....When the csr brought it out to me i handed him the money as I asked if I could open the package and check the item. he said sure. so as I was opening the box he proceded to check me out. I noticed that the wireless usb thing was missing. so I told him. he handed me the receipt and said I had to take it up in the returns dept. on the other side of the store. I asked him if he... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    kolortech's Picture   kolortech    2 Comments   Comments
  • laptop problems

    In 2005, I bought an Averatec laptop at the microcenter store in Cambridge, MA. When I got it home, I realized that the frame was "bent" - the laptop did not lie flat on a table (the front left was bent up a little, like a table that wobbles on three legs) After about a year, the plastic hinge holding the screen broke, which made it difficult to position the screen, and this part is part of the case, so it can't be replaced. Someone stepped on my Averatec, so I went and bought a Toshiba Satellite C645 in Aug of 2010. This computer is defective, either by design or bad... More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
    ezrayelp's Picture   ezrayelp    1 Comments   Comments
  • Micro Center

    Not a fan of Micro Center. I never receive quality help looking for parts, employees seem uninterested, and the facility is 30 miles away (meaning a 60 mile round trip). I am actually making my 3rd trip there within a week today to return a part, and after that I will never shop there again. I will also give negative feedback to everyone I know because my friends and co-workers deserve quality service. I actually called Micro Center one day asking for help and your employee basically said he didn’t know. I asked if there was anyone else who could help and he said ‘I... More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
    beyerjeffrey's Picture   beyerjeffrey    1 Comments   Comments
  • refurbished DS plug defective

    I have been to store twice to get a recharger plug that will work with the refurbished Nintendo DS you sold me for $79.99. I don't want to return to the store a 3rd time at this time of the year only to receive another defective and/or 3rd party non-oem recharger from "Nintondo" versus what you should be providing, manufactured by "Nintendo." If I do return, I don't want to wait more than an hour to get this resolved. A reasonable solution would instead to mail me a working OEM product to my home address and resolve this issue quickly...as the bait&switch... More...
    (Real Estate, Brokers, Mortgages)
  • Refurbished Nintendo DS

    Microcenter in Patterson NJ is passing off non OEM 3rd party equipment as part of their "factory refurbished DS" product. I purchased the Nintendo DS for $79.99 and it was supposed to come with a wall charger from Nintendo. When I got home and plugged it into the wall it fell apart because the screws holding the recharger together were missing (had been removed and were not in the packaging)- It was only held together by friction. Careful inspection of the charger revealed it was made by "Nintondo" not Nintendo. I returned to the store (waiting in lines for 1 hour) for... More...
    (Real Estate, Brokers, Mortgages)
    bensherman's Picture   bensherman    1 Comments   Comments
  • Warning!

    Do not buy a computer protection plan from Micro Center! Rip Off! I purchased a desktop computer in August of 2008 and had a problem with it a year later. I called for help and was transferred around for TWO Hours and then they disconnected me. Then, I was told that my protection plan expired the month before. Really? I gathered my paper work and had purchased a THREE year plan; I still had TWO years left on it. Now, I had to go through the hassle of getting a new claim # etc. all over again. After running this time consuming gauntlet, yet again I was told it was a software problem... More...
    (Real Estate, Brokers, Mortgages)
    Sylbry's Picture   Sylbry    1 Comments   Comments
  • customer service

    I purchased a 42" LCD from Micro Center along with a 3 year extended warranty. Unfortunately, the LCD screen is going bad, so I contacted Micro Center to have it repaired. I found out that Micro Center contracts a 3rd party for their extended warranty, so I was dealing with them directly. This call was made on Sep 16th. They informed me that they will be shipping a box to me with a prepaid label to ship the LCD back to them. October rolled around and I haven't received anything. I contacted Micro Center in hopes that maybe they can push the repairs. I also expressed interest... More...
    (Real Estate, Brokers, Mortgages)
    TVshopper4me's Picture   TVshopper4me    0 Comments   Comments
  • RIP OFF/ SCAM!!!!!

    This place is a RIP OFF! Customer service and tech support are an absolute joke. I bought my laptop here (a Sony VAIO $1999) three years ago and purchased their platinum protection plan ($500). Their sales reps smiled and congratulated me on my purchase, walked me and my purchases to the car, and explained that if anything should go wrong or happen to my new laptop, just bring it in, its covered and they'll take care of it.... Cut to December 2008, my laptop was overheating, I took the laptop back for servicing. After some confusion with passwords, I was told a week later it... More...
    (Real Estate, Brokers, Mortgages)
    jclarke's Picture   jclarke    1 Comments   Comments
  • False advertisement and bad service

    I never notice this company's existence until recently.I decided to give this company a try not because of word-of -month but because of their Ads mailed to my house. Normally, I don't buy computer parts from stores like Best Buy, Fry's, or Micro Center, because their staffs are normally lacking of computer knowledge, and their customer services is not as good as private owned local computer stores. I finally made it to their Duluth store to shop for Father's day present. There were sales representatives walking around the store, but no one seemed care to say Hi or... More...
    (Real Estate, Brokers, Mortgages)
    Jason4436's Picture   Jason4436    1 Comments   Comments
  • Inconsistent customer service

    Ordered Acer Aspire AS5515-5831 notebook from on-line store for pick-up today. The store accepted the order, took credit-card information and printed the confirmation. Then I have got pick-up cancellation message: item is not available, even when it was shown on-line as available and took the order. What a mess! This is not the first time that I had misinformation from this vendor. Of course sometimes it has good deals, but customer service is horrific. More...
    (Real Estate, Brokers, Mortgages)
    micro117's Picture   micro117    0 Comments   Comments

    I went to local Micro Center located in Marietta, Georgia store on 2/11/09 to purchase a laptop that was on sale. When I arrived at the PC/laptop department there were three salesmen on the floor, two of which appeared to be assisting customers. The store had very low customer traffic and there appeared to be sufficient staffing. When I approached the two different salesmen to help me locate an available salesperson in the PC/laptop dept., I was immediately told "I am busy with a customer...SIR!" and was ignored. All I wanted was for either to contact another sales associate who... More...
    (Real Estate, Brokers, Mortgages)
    GAShopper's Picture   GAShopper    0 Comments   Comments
  • Incompetent walk in service

    My computer has an intermittent power problem. Last night I took my computer to the Rockville MD Microcenter. The technician plugged in the computer and it started right up. I asked if there could be an intermittent problem and was told no. I decided to have the computer cleaned while I waited. The stupid technician called my home number while I was walking around the store waiting for the computer to be ready. I then was totally ignored for 20 minutes while waiting to pay for the cleaning. Of course, I got home and the computer would not start! I run a shipping business and cannot spare... More...
    (Real Estate, Brokers, Mortgages)
  • false web advertising

    I always visit microcenter website because they has very good deals. But such very good deals are not available when ordered. I found a laptop in their website ( not opened box) ordered it and after a few hours I received a confirmation e-mail saying that my order was ready for pick up. When I went there they told me that they could not find my order and I waited for an hour for them to do something about it. At the end they told me that they just cancelled my order. More...
    (Real Estate, Brokers, Mortgages)
    eric0108's Picture   eric0108    1 Comments   Comments
  • On Aug 24th, 2007 my wife...

    On Aug 24th, 2007 my wife brought in her 2 year-old winbook laptop (with a 1 year warranty left on it) to Micro Center because of problems with the sound and other issues. My wife is in Grad school and there are quite a few programs on her laptop that are essential for her to do the type of research her program requires. Bottom line: she needs her laptop. Micro Center's website promised to have repairs done in 4 days. Um...4 WEEKS later there is still no sign of this laptop and my wife is approaching deadlines in her schooling which, if not met, will put her back possibly as much... More...
    (Real Estate, Brokers, Mortgages)
    Mark's Picture   Mark    0 Comments   Comments
  • Micro Center WinBook and rotten...

    Micro Center WinBook and rotten customer service! Feb. 6th 2007 My WinBook computer was taken to MicroCenter for to get repaired as the computer wouldn't play CD's or read a printer disc. I was called several times saying the computer was repaired but everytime I went to pick up my unit it was still broken. When I have tried to check on the status of this computer I have had to wait on the telephone for over one hour, when I have been finally transfered I was either hung up on or disconnected. I have since contacted the corporate headquarters of Micro Center and they have... More...
    (Real Estate, Brokers, Mortgages)
    Karen's Picture   Karen    2 Comments   Comments

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Micro Center Comments

justjordy33 says: (5 years ago)
The window repair denver co looks great. I can't wait to get my windows done.

lyndsay says: (6 years ago)
most horrible site to ever order from. My order never got processed. I ordered a SSD and 3 weeks later had never received an email that it had even shipped. Called and they said it hadn't been processed....something had delayed it and that my credit card information had been stagnant so long that it was no longer even authorized. Hence, they needed my information all over again to basically RE-PLACE a new order. If I had not called I would have been waiting for an order that wasn't processed, wasn't shipped and wasn't even on it's way to me. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! They did NOTHING. Told me they could tell me where to go get it locally! What a joke! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM MICROCENTER.COM!!!!

Riaz says: (7 years ago)
Very disappointed.

I went to Westbury LI, NY on the 4th of July for some open box items as they advertised. The sales associate found one notebook in their inventry but coudn't find it in the store! Finally he found one netbook with a very good price and I wanted that one. Fortunately he found this one. The price shown was $130 which was amazing as they've maked down the price for that special day. But surprisingly some 'Chris', apperently one of the managers asked for $185 without scanning the price!I don't know where he had the price as on the box it was written $187 (NOT $185!)before the markdown. I don't know where he got that price! It was like a cheap burgain shop. With repeated request, he denied to scan the product and remained stubborn! The sales associate just stood still with a helpless expression on his face.
I was so surprised and pissed off, I left the shop immediately.
My question is, if you don't like to sell why do you advertise? PLEASE STOP this NONSENSE.

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