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Micro Center Support Ticket - Denver, Colorado - WEs Vaughn Rage incident

Micro Center Support Ticket - Denver, Colorado

WEs Vaughn Rage incident - Mainboard

Created By: hedj's Picture hedj Last Reply: 's Picture
Priority Level: [High] Status: [Open]
Created: 7 years ago Last Updated: 7 years ago
Department: General Replies: 1
Product: Mainboard

WEs Vaughn, upper manager at Microcenter, Inc. Denver, CO, did on May 16, 2011 accost the CEO of Data Control Systems, Inc. The apparent Rage was caused by the simple request to replace defective products sold by the named store. The CEO of our company was told to wait for a tech to discuss the issue and troubleshoot the problem. When the CEO demanded replacement of the parts and to speak to a manager instead Wes Vaughn took it upon himself to badger, belittle, embarass, make very public a situation that should have been handled privately. Wes Vaughn raged so out of control that other employees felt they needed to protect the CEO. Even after Wes Vaughn exhausted himself raging and retired to the back so another manager could help resolve the situation calmly he returned less than a minute later to continue to badger, scold, and generally treat the CEO as if he were his child and was behaving badly. Wes Vaughn purposely came to the other manger to interfere with our resolution and told the manager "Anything he wants done I HAVE TO APPROVE BECAUSE I AM THE STORE MANAGER. The CEO motioned him to come close so he could whisper "Sir, you don't tell me how to act if I have a problem with your store I will tell you about it in whatever way I choose that is legal and socially acceptable. Now it may not be the way you prefer to hear it but that is not your choice. The choice is mine as to how angry, frustrated or uncomfortable I feel when telling you. Wes Vaughn replied, "I WILL TELL YOU HOW TO ACT WHEN YOU ARE IN MY STORE".

This was too much for the CEO after taking abuse for over 45 minutes with the manager making a very public scene and he asked for the return of his previously paid for property which was being held in some back room for the tech to come show him what was wrong with the brand new motherboard he purchased twice already. The manger argued some more while the cooperative and capable other staff gathered the materials finally and Wes Vaughn began to get irritated and brushed very close to the CEO several times trying to intimidate him with the posture of vilolence and the size difference was very great as Wes Vaughn is a tall sickly weak looking fellow and the CEO is a short short man. When this failed Wes Vaughn got right up in the CEO's face and threatened him with more posturing. The CEO got his items and left the store unharmed this time.

After calling the customer service and getting a call back from the actual manager (Brian Stranges) Wes Vaughn was acting manager)who informed me that he happened to be visiting the store with his daughter and saw the whole thing and apologized. When asked why he didn't step in and put Wes Vaughn's fire out he said yeah I told him later that "he could have been handled differently". We all thought uhh yeah like duh you think so? The issue is not how he handled it but the rage he felt and the uncontrolled nature of it. He also exhibited these traits in front of his subordinates and many customers waiting in his line. I am sure no one else complained much after all that which is what he was aiming for in the first place. Neither the Manger in charge of the store nor customer service will stop this man from ruining your business and the store manger did compensate us by exchanging the defective items finally after 5 visits and he threw 20 bucks in for gas that we spent nearly 35 bucks on making wasted trips to the store. The CEO felt like he was being bribed.

This man is a time bomb waiting to go off. The so called manager lacks the ability to deal with the public and is a liability to your company. We video recorded with audio the whole thing on the CEO's smart phone and offered it at the time of the report to customer service no one has contacted us for it even though we left phone numbers and email for resolution contact and we will release it only to an executive at the corporation.

You have lost out on many sales and services as we are consultants and used to recommend you to our clients. we even purchased from you outside our distributor from time to time ourselves in 5 states this has ended. WE have received over 60 complaints from our clients on our blog and had to remove the items as they were putting at risk (attorney's suggested this) in particular 22 of which were specific to Wes Vaughn and his bad behavior and unprofessional-ism. We are gathering legitimate depositions form these individuals and considering further action against the company and Wes Vaughn as a result of the incident. At this time 6 weeks later we still have not heard of any supervision, or even an investigation by corporate to see if allegations are correct. The employee is working as usual and is still in charge of the store or second in command when Brian Stranges is onsite. For this reason the company has blacklisted you off of our lsit of suppliers and recommendations. Enjoy the loss of business.


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